A one-day technical workshop that was conducted on December 15th 2004 involved fishers from the selected villages in the project. |Various officials also attended the workshop from the Government, Religious institutions and other NGOs which execute responsibilities related to environment.

The workshop aimed at imparting sustainable fishing methods among the fishers through the following approaches.

  • How to use low cost appropriate fishing gear
  • Dangers of using POPs and dynamites in the Lake ecosystem and
  • Imparting knowledge on sustainable fishing skills in the industry.

2. The Welcome Notes to the Guest of honor.

The KADETFU Executive Director Mr. Yusto Muchuruza gave a well coming note to the participants for attending the workshop including distinguished guests. Among of them were the KADETFU patron from German, Claus Gottschling and two guests from Uganda one of whom later delivered a testimony on how she contracted the deadly HIV/AIDS. Other guests hailed from various parts inside and outside the region. Finally, the Director welcomed the guest of honour, the Bukoba District Commissioner Ahmed Rugusha to officially open the Workshop.

3.1. The Speech of the Guest of Honour During official Opening of the Workshop Guest of Honour: Ahmed Rugusha.

He observed that KADETFU has always been on the forefront in the efforts of conserving the Lake Victoria environment through diverse approaches, which target poverty eradication among the communities largely depending on this precious resource to earn the livelihood.

He said the Lake Victoria Conservation was of prime concern given to its importance on the livelihood of the human beings. He said if there were no affirmative measures taken at the moment to arrest current trends of degradation, the lake would soon dry up. He said ignorance of the existing legislations on environment was the major cause of continued degradation around this essential resource for human life of which he called upon the members of the general public to conserve it for the sake of both the present and future generation prosperity.

He concluded by calling upon the workshop participants to support the efforts initiated by KADETFU to attain a well-conserved lake environment.

3.2. The speech of KADETFU Patron Mr. Klaus Gottschling

Mr Claus Gottschling was also accorded some opportunity to say a few words before the gathering. He said when he got to know about KADETFU when he visited Tanzania way back in 1994 and pledged to give it support. However, he said he was surprised to see how KADETFU has registered considerable successes hitherto. He said it was important to conserve environment because environment could live without human being while human beings could not without. He was also quoted as giving advice that Africa should not develop behaviours that lead to environmental degradation experienced in the developing countries. From his experience, environmental degradation emanates from unsavoury attitudes among members of the developed countries towards environmental conservation.

He concluded his brief message to the audience by giving a touchy observation that such small community initiatives on environmental conservation could bring sound outcomes if would be seriously maintained.

After his speech followed other brief speeches of guests from Uganda and Mwanza whose words all went on giving emphasis to the need of conserving environment.

4. Workshop Proceedings:

  1. Topic 1: Testimony on HIV/AIDS:
    Facilitator: Faith Karungi from TASO- Uganda
  2. Topic: 2 Sustainable Fishing
    Facilitator: Japheth Kayungi. A Task Leader in Fisheries Management Component of LVEMP
  3. Topic 3: HIV/AIDS and Environment
    Facilitator: P. Katunzi from World Vision-Tanzania
  4. Topic 4: The role of law enforcement organs in the prevention of environmental degradation practices in the Lake Victoria.
    Facilitator: Ignas Mbinga; Regional Police Commander (RPC-Kagera)

5. Official Closing the Seminar: Guest of honour: Dauda Karumuna

He hailed KADETFU for putting concerted efforts in place to curb environmental degradation at different angles from changing peoples mind attitudes and capacity building. He underlined the importance for the workshop participants to take measures to halt the spread of the HIV/AIDS. He then closed that seminar at 10.50pm.

Vision Statement

We envisage a friendly environment and a healthy, prosperous, and just society that is committed to solution of its problems independently and sustainably.

Mission Statement

KADETFU is committed to protect human rights, conserve the environment, facilitate promotion of social, economic, cultural development and empower the society.


Economic promotion by enhancing income opportunities to ensure food availability at household level in urban and rural areas through improving community capacities and research.