BEMBEREZA English Medium Pre and Primary School is located at Rubya village,
near Rubya Hospital, in Ijumbi ward, Muleba District, about 102 km from Bukoba,
which is the Capital city of the Kagera Region. The two wards of Ijumbi and
Kashasha in which Bembereza school serves, have a population of 23,071 out of
which 11,215 are females and 11,856 are males (2012 census). The school has an
area of 5,556.6 sq. meters of which only 40% have been utilized for existing
buildings and other infrastructure. The school is owned and run by KADETFU
Kagera Development and Credit Revolving Fund), a Non-Governmental
Organization (NGO) based in Kagera region. KADETFU established this school in
2002 mainly to support orphans and vulnerable children to get a quality education
like other children who are non-orphans. Historically, the children from good
wealthy families are taken far from their homestead to get quality education, but
the orphans and children from poor families have no help to get such education.
Therefore, the Bembereza school was established to cater for that.






To date Bembereza school has 172 pupils (male 82, female 90), among them 68 are
orphans who cannot pay for their school needs. Therefore, KADETFU as the owner
and the school administration are committed to look for financial support for
further construction of the school in order to sustain these orphans.
ECLAT is equally grateful to the donors in Germany for the vast and continued
support to the improvement of the education status in Tanzania at large. This
support goes a long way in ensuring children access quality education.
The Bembereza School project involved the construction and finalization of school
infrastructures. The project activities were realized in two phases which enabled
ECLAT, KADETFU and upendo to implement this project step by step.
Phase 1 had the following activities: construction of two classrooms, a toilet block
with six latrines and completion of girl’s dormitory. Phase 2 facilitated the
availability of water at the school by drilling a borehole, construction of a water tower
and installation of a water distribution network.
The Bembereza Primary School project started on 14 April 2021 and finished on 25
October 2021






This completion report explains the areas funded and how the funds received
assisted in achieving the desired goal of improving and expanding Bembereza
Primary School at Rubya village.

Detailed completion report Download it here


The BEMBEREZA English Medium Pre and Primary School now has a Sister School from Germany. The School is named Mindenerwald and is also a Primary School. Caused by the School system in Germany, the Primary School is only from year one to four. The Mindenerwald School is located in Hille, a village in the northern part of Germany. To exchange information and ideas, on 13th of December 2016, members of KADETFU, the head teacher, teachers and also some students from both schools had a skype conference. This was the first introduction of both sides and we discussed the different the school systems in Tanzania and Germany and also problems in schools. The conference was very interesting for both sides caused by the option to change the view. On 23th of January, a package from the sister school arrived in Bukoba. When the student opened it, they were very happy to see the dolls, sweets, writing materials and seven footballs. With these footballs they are having a chance to play and do sports in the breaks and free time. With thanks for the package from all the students and teachers to the sister school we are looking forward to continuing the partnership!

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New Flyers about Bembereza School

We created new flyers about the Bembereza School including information about the founding of the school, the location and activities with the sister school from Germany. The flyers are available in English and German. You can have a look to them by opening the following links. Feel also free to download and print the flyers:

To view and download the English Flyer, click here.

To view and download the German Flyer, click here.


About BEMBEREZA English Medium Pre and Primary School

BEMBEREZA English Medium Pre and Primary School is located at Rubya in Muleba District about 102 Km from the capital city of Bukoba. The school is being run and owned by KADETFU.

In order to fulfill its objective, KADETFU established this school named BEMBEREZA English Medium Pre and Primary School in 2002 mainly to support orphans and vulnerable children to get a quality education as those children who are non-orphans. These children from good wealthy families are taken far from their homestead to get a quality education. As per but due to the different situation in which one gets to be orphan we avoid stigma now other children who are not orphans are also enrolled at our school of which to date the number of non-orphans enrolled is smaller.



Vision Statement

We envisage a friendly environment and a healthy, prosperous, and just society that is committed to solution of its problems independently and sustainably.

Mission Statement

KADETFU is committed to protect human rights, conserve the environment, facilitate promotion of social, economic, cultural development and empower the society.


Economic promotion by enhancing income opportunities to ensure food availability at household level in urban and rural areas through improving community capacities and research.