KADETFU has been using among other approaches the sanitation micro-credit revolving fund scheme in her previous project and it has shown remarkable achievements.

Sanitation micro-credit revolving fund scheme is a strategy for bringing about transformation and improved delivery system for water and sanitation services in the rural and urbanized communities.  The overall objective of the micro-credit scheme (SMcS) is to establish a sustainable revolving water and sanitation credit fund in order to meet the credit needs of poor households to get access to clean water and improved sanitation. It is a mechanism for sustainability as the fund will revolve from one community to another even after the donor exit. The driving force for this strategy is “social marketing” that creates “social demand” for services.

Vision Statement

We envisage a friendly environment and a healthy, prosperous, and just society that is committed to solution of its problems independently and sustainably.

Mission Statement

KADETFU is committed to protect human rights, conserve the environment, facilitate promotion of social, economic, cultural development and empower the society.


Economic promotion by enhancing income opportunities to ensure food availability at household level in urban and rural areas through improving community capacities and research.