KCR FM 93.3We are delighted to bring to your notice that KADETFU has finally achieved its long cherished ambition and established a community radio station, the first of its kind in Kagera Region.  It is now ready on air waiting for the official launching after fulfilling all needed requirements by the Regulatory Authority.

As we said in our last publications, Radio is a very useful tool with great impact to the society. Radio disseminates information to all people, literate and illiterate alike, urban and rural population, surrounding and remote areas where it is difficult to be reached due to infrastructure limitations; many people get information at the same time and such service can easily be afforded by most families i.e. most of the families can afford to buy a small radio set.

Radios are effective tools for broadcasting public education on environmental issues, gender relations, human rights, agriculture, livestock development and civic education through aiding democratization process by giving people access to both local and international news, commentaries and bringing awareness on all development and political arena.
KCR will host debates and educative programmes on local content that has appeal to public lives and livelihoods. It will partner with various stakeholders such as the district councils, NGOs, Academic and health institutions as well as other development practitioners to achieve its goal.  It will host talk shows in which development practitioners and experts from Research Institutions and District Councils will present their views while giving time to the audience to call in, ask questions and get answers instantly.

KCR_FM_93.3_building KCR_FM_93.3_studio

KADETFU; would like to thank all our friends, well-wishers and development partners who provided their resources, material and moral support towards its establishment of this noble programme. We are looking forward to more support for its existence and sustainability.

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Vision Statement

We envisage a friendly environment and a healthy, prosperous, and just society that is committed to solution of its problems independently and sustainably.

Mission Statement

KADETFU is committed to protect human rights, conserve the environment, facilitate promotion of social, economic, cultural development and empower the society.


Economic promotion by enhancing income opportunities to ensure food availability at household level in urban and rural areas through improving community capacities and research.