As one day pass by, it contributes to a week that contributes to a month and ultimately a year passé by. This is termed as growth. KADETFU is growing at a normal growth rate as well. It is 17 years old now; but more nurturing is needed to reach its maturity.

The recognition of our efforts by other development partners is a sign of growth. E.g. in addition to the past awards which KADETFU won by for the past three consecutive years, this year SNV, a development organization from Netherlands, presented a third prize Award in LCB Marketing during the Knowledge Brokering Networking and Marketing forum 2010.

While celebrating our existence, we highly acknowledge the support, guidance and encouragement from such partners locally and internationally who in one way or another are nurturing our growth towards realization of our goal.

During the ending year, we devoted our efforts to Sanitation improvement in four towns of Muleba, Bukoba, Mutukula and Bunda. The achievements we attained are obvious in which more than 900 households in these towns have benefited from the project.

This year, we shall continue with sanitation improvement while promoting Access to Market initiatives, we shall continue with capacity building to our target groups in which farmers and fishers will benefit from the initiatives. 

Conversely, during this year, KADETFU will continue implementing all planned interventions for climate change mitigation. We also highly value the initiatives which are beginning to link the twin great endeavors of environmental management and poverty elimination since KADETFU believes, poverty is a major cause of environmental degradation as it undermines people’s will and capacity to manage resources sustainably.

Nevertheless, while appreciating all achievements accorded so far, we admit that there is still much work to be done. We therefore regard our achievements as a point of departure for the future.

I would therefore wish to express my most sincere appreciation for the cooperation given to our organization and we continue to request all our partners to support our efforts in order to reach the intended goal. 

Welcome to join our efforts in bringing “change” to this world.