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Executive Summary

The project recommends appropriate planning and effective adaptation policies are to be in place for disaster risk prevention. In order to help Kagera adapt to and mitigate the effects of climate change this project shall look at, Deforestation, Low carbon energy, transport and infrastructures, Protection of fresh water sources, Public health, Gender inequality, Sustainable development goals. The project will initially involve 3 districts of Muleba, Misenyi and Bukoba DC as a pilot project from which 20 wards will be randomly be selected and from each ward five villages will be selected. The project problem statement is due to the rise in the water level of Lake Victoria in 2020 caused floods and in several cases drowning of roads and beach based leisure establishments around the lake. Kiroyera Tours Lake Victoria beach camp in Bukoba is one of those that drowned. Farmers and pastoralists in Kagera region experience a lot of problems pertaining to climate change. In rural areas, farmers are facing Banana Xanthomonas Wilt (BXW) commonly known as “mnyauko” and drying of crops due to prolonged drought which also hinder their economic development while pastoralists lack pastures for their livestock.

Therefore, KADETFU and their partners, decided to make a community based intervention to assist local communities increase their adaptation to the effects of climate change, thereby reducing their vulnerability, with the main goals of creating awareness and knowledge among the community members of Kagera Region on climate change causes, effects, existing and potential mitigation and adaptation measures. Specifically the project aims at; Promotion of active involvement and participation of community leaders at District and Regional levels, Creating awareness and improving knowledge to community members on climate change vulnerabilities, causes, effects, mitigation and adaptation measures and formation of school environmental clubs, Promotion of sustainable agriculture to the community members through organic farming and other sustainable agriculture technologies, Promotion of afforestation and reforestation among community members through establishment of tree nurseries, 20 in each district of Misenyi, Muleba and Bukoba, Promoting the use of renewable energy and other energy alternative sources, Creating awareness on the effects of siltation and pollution of Lake Victoria and climate change impact on fisheries.

Increased awareness on environment, climate change effects, mitigation and adaptation measures and the relationship between the community activities and the climate, COP 26 resolutions localized to local communities according to their local context are among the expected results of the project. The project overall budget is TSHS 283,190,000/- equal to $ 123,126/-

Vision Statement

We envisage a friendly environment and a healthy, prosperous, and just society that is committed to solution of its problems independently and sustainably.

Mission Statement

KADETFU is committed to protect human rights, conserve the environment, facilitate promotion of social, economic, cultural development and empower the society.


Economic promotion by enhancing income opportunities to ensure food availability at household level in urban and rural areas through improving community capacities and research.