We are glad to announce to the general public that the government of Tanzania has granted KADETFU a construction permit for the long awaited "Kagera Community Radio (KCR FM 93.3MHz)", which is being established at Bukoba Town, Kagera Region in Tanzania.

The idea of the establishment of this Radio Station aims at addressing a felt need in the Community, that is changing the behavior and attitude of the youth and young adults as well as to create awareness on basic societal burning issues such as gender, environmental protection, human and other socio-economic rights, HIV/AIDS, poverty reduction/eradication and the general welfare of the rural poor communities.

The project will therefore serve the purpose of providing a forum for Kagera Region communities. It will provide information, education, news and early warning to the communities within Kagera Region and contribute to promoting the National economy through education programs on economic undertakings as well as contributing to community development.

KADETFU is therefore appealing to local and International radios, the Donor community, Radio Networks, all Development Partners and well-wishers for collaboration, networking and working partnership to grow local audience, through broadcasting on the local people's own development and exchanging programs. KADETFU will be grateful to collaborate with other Global Development Practitioners to make KCR vision a reality.

  • Please contact us for the full project proposal.